These are the profiles of the facilitators and the expert speakers of the course, they all are experienced mobile learning experts with their own specialties (work in progress: a short list is given, but each facilitator will add their own full profile in addition to possible guest speakers that are programmed in their week).

(sorted by topic related facilitator and alphabetically for the expert speakers)

MHealth: Malcolm Lewis
malcolm_picture_small_size.jpgG'Day all. Malcolm Lewis has a diverse background across a range of social movements and social services. In the mid-1980s, he was involved in the early days of the internet working to bring the wonders of email to the NGO sector in Australia. For the past 14 years, he has been working in the field of health promotion. I'm keenly interested in the potential of new technologies and practices to drive learning, reflection in practice in health and human services and to support the evolution of more responsive service configurations. I have learnt much facilitating a regular twitter hashtag trying to 'nut-out' the way forward with these types of new ideas. #HCSMANZ (Health Care Social Media Australia and New Zealand) I hope to learn more in and after this this MOOC.

Skype: malcolm.lewis2008
My quite active twitter account: @Lewismal
My much neglected blog:

Mobile learning theory/pedagogy: Geoff (Stead) is a mobile massive brain from Cambridge, UK, with an enormous amount of zest and creativity. Who better to provide an overview of mobile learning theories and pedagogies than him?

Hi there, I'm Geoff. I am not sure I know how to answer Inge's bold claim about my brain size (maybe she was just standing very close by!), but I have spent an awfully large percentage of my time over the past 11 years or so trying to understand how to REALLY make mobile learning work. Not just the theory, but the real down-n-dirty practice. Together with my team we have been building apps / authoring tools / SMS engines / platforms / mobilized content and then using these with hard-to-access learners across the globe, trying to figure out what really does work, and add benefit.

Join me during week three to compare notes, and see whether we can learn more together. (and certainly visit some of the other week 3 presenters too, they are cool people doing good stuff!)

Contact details

em: geoffstead at
twitter: @geoffstead


amitGarg.jpgCorporate learning: facilitator Amit(Garg) from India and around the globe

Hi all, my name is Amit Garg your facilitator for the week’s topic – corporate mlearning. I’m the co-founder & currently director of custom learning solutions at Upside Learning ( I’ve been involved with selling, developing, and delivering, custom learning solutions in corporate for around 12 years.

This will be my first MOOC so I’m looking forward to be overwhelmed as Inge has advised all facilitators to be prepared for. Similarly I do expect you too to be overwhelmed during this MOOC. Let’s together try to make the most of this MOOC. Please free to throw in your suggestions and advice to achieve that.

Get in touch
Corporate Blog

Train-the-trainer: Jacqueline (Batchelor) from South Africa uses all of her blond haired charm to get every teacher trained simply by using mobile devices and … a lot of educational insight. She is a silent, calm, yet a very thorough expert that explores new frontiers of teacher engagement and paves the way for all of us.

Mobile activism/learning: Sean (Abajian) from sunny California is a mobile activist believer. He lifts crowds to march for better adult education, he is an activist pur-sang and with a heart of gold. He knows that long-term activism coincides with quick learning.

Mobile gaming: David (Parsons) from New is an old school new school mobile programmer, now completely emerged in mobile gaming. He will guide us in our first contemplations to create serous mobile games.

victoralvarez.pngAugmented learning: facilitator Víctor (Alvarez).
Hi all, I am the facilitator of the Augmented mLearning topic at MobiMOOC 2012. I am a researcher of learning technologies and professor of telecommunications and computer science at the University of Oviedo, in Asturias, Spain.

In this website you can find information about my lecturing and research activities at the university, my publications and talks, and an overview of my academic profile.

Rather than defining myself as a technologist or scholar, I see myself as a curious person, eager to learn about almost anything. I am a bit of an explorer and adventurer also, I love sports, nature and traveling.

Looking forward to meeting you at the MobiMOOC. Enjoy!

Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework: Adele (Botha): straight from South Africa, she knows how to own any room she enters and grab the attention with her mobile knowledge and persona. She will push us forward with any mobile learning curriculum we want to create.

Contact details

Research website:
Twitter: @adele_b

ICT for development: Michael (Sean Gallagher - UK/Korea) combines a literary pen with a mission to provide a mobile solution to anyone living in a challenged environment no matter where you are in the world. He will share solutions that will get you up and ready to tackle low resource settings with a great set of tools.

Global mLearning issues: John (Traxler): He has got more air-miles than George Clooney in Up in the Air, John gives new meaning to the word mobile and researches it in all its meanings. Amateur ornithologist, mountain climber, and the alleged first professor in mobile learning!

Contact details

University website:
Twitter: @johntraxler
Skype: johntraxler

mHealth: Malcolm (Lewis) from Queensland, Australia is a true MOOC veteran. He knows how to get people organized and lift them to a higher knowledge level. With years of experience in mHealth he will guide us all towards new inspirational projects to increase global health.

Introduction to and planning of mLearning: Inge (Ignatia) de Waard from Belgium, focusing on an introduction to mLearning and planning a project.

I am passionate about technology enhanced learning. Trying to stay on top of new mobile technologies and the latest in learning related fields (cognitive sciences, brain functions, group dynamics). I am a diabetic 1 insulin user. An activist for equal opportunities from a very early age (thx Mom and Dad!) and I like to give presentations in front of an audience... yes... I do.

Contact details

e-mail: ingedewaard at
eLearning blog:
Twitter: @ignatia
Skype: Ignatia_dW
MLearning its personal so how do we utilise / capitalise these tools approaches for learning for the young and not so young.
Andy Black
Twitter @andyjbABHHL.JPG
Andy has worked in the Education sector for over 25 years, His major interests are the use
of ICT to overcome barriers to learning. He has spoken/written extensively on emerging
technologies in education He lives on line or outdoors and is fully
resident on twitter. @andyb
He is very much viewed as a learner mobility specialist. He doesn’t really believe in the term mobile learning . He tempers his love of emerging tech with a passion for neolithic archeology
Andy has presented widely at Mlearn ,ALTC and Handheld Learning,Online Educa in Berlin. He
has worked with the Malaysian Open University and Saudi National E learning centre on
themes around mobile learning. He also sits on several expert groups and is currently involved with a GSMA project looking into M education using next generation tablet computers across 5 countries across the globe. Use of technology in education and learning outdoors is his "thing".
A colleague says “to describe Andy as an out of the box thinker misses the point Andy doesn’t
understand what a box is. He makes linkage finds opportunities and commitment to make a
difference to learners. Frankly at times he is exhausting to work with “
His raison d’être is “don’t forget the learners”
He wants to write a ebook “what do when the kit doesn’t work apart from tell jokes”
Andy Plans to use twitter for a 1 hr tweetchat on a series of questions on Friday the 28 September at 19.00 GMT to try and collect some global perspective to the key question is in his eyes "
"MLearning its personal so how do we utilise / capitalise these tools approaches for learning for the young and not so young." Andy will embed a series of numbered questions that we can try to address in the hour . the hashtag we will use is #moocchat

external image Sean_Abajian_edited-150x150.jpgSean C. Abajian (Mobile Activism - Week 3). Sean is a veteran adult education teacher of 11 years, Teacher of the Year award winner (2012 UTLA Platinum Apple) and was a participant in the first MobiMOOC in 2011. He’s a lead organizer and digital strategist for the SaveAdultEd Campaign, winner of a 2012 NCL Literacy Leadership Award. For several years he’s worked with community based organizations as a technology partner and organizer in advocacy campaigns for education and immigration issues. He’s published articles on education and technology in academic, peer-reviewed journals in Europe, North America and Asia. He’s an alumnus of TIMAC, the Technology Integration Mentor Academy of OTAN in Sacramento. Currently, he’s enrolled as a graduate student in California State University Northridge's Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program. He’s also co-owner of A&AC LLC, a small technology and consulting company, and created Hooper41, a digital learning laboratory for adult students in South Los Angeles. Additionally he’s a weekly radio commentator on AM 690's Spanish language education issues program, "La Educación". Sean is a graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles.
Twitter @EdTechSean Email (Click Here)