Learning actions

Goal of the course: getting you up-to-date with mobile learning and providing you the tools to plan, develop and implement a mobile learning solution in your environment via collaboratively discussing and exchanging knowledge through a variety of learning activities.The course starts with basic concepts of mLearning and goes on to cover a variety of topics related to mLearning.


The course is for the most part learner-centered: this means that each one of us is responsible for their own learning, which also means you will need to self-regulate your learning (here are a couple of MOOC guidelines that can help you with that).
Why? Two reasons: because 1. we are all in this together, we can all learn from each other, and 2. peer-to-peer and informal learning are cornerstones of mLearning (just look at how you use your own mobile device for informal learning).
What does this mean? There will be some learning activities put forward by the facilitators, but it is up to all of us, the participants, who need to follow up on those learning activities.This can have consequences for the way this course is perceived.
Don't plan to go through all the resources and look at all the information! The facilitators have become experts over many, many years into mLearning: this cannot be absorbed in 6 weeks. As such, it is better to plan what you think is the most important thing you want to take out of this course, and focus on those topics.
Let's say you are into 'mobile health': search for resources that can be of use, build your mobile template around that topic, connect with fellow participants who are also into mHealth, ask the facilitators for specific resources... Make the course work for you!

How can you participate?

As a lurking participant: you can participate in a variety of ways: just follow the course, look at the recordings, go through the resources… Benefit: this will allow you to get some idea of what is going on, but as Aristotle said: only by taking action, will you truly learn (paraphrasing heavily here).
As a moderately active participant: just take 2 topics and engage in the conversation with everyone involved and write a reflective post (this can be a regular thread in the discussion forum or a blogpost). Benefit: you will get a more in-depth knowledge in that area of mLearning expertise and you will be able to exchange notes, getting answers to questions you had for months.
As a memorably active participant: okay, this is the top end of all the participants and if you follow this track you will get 2 benefits! For this you are asked to engage in 3 topics, and write at leaste one reflective post about each topic (this can be a blogpost or a thread in the discussion forum). If you go for this profile, you will get:
  1. A digital badge of participation (see here in the badges page for the specifics: there are three badges: wonderful participant, advanced learner and memorable collaborator). For more information look at the badge page here.
  2. Develop a mLearning proposal in your region and get peer and expert help: you will have the opportunity to write a mobile project proposal (template overview can be found here). Although a template is provided, the writing of the proposal will be done by you. Other participants or facilitators will only give pointers, and not write it for you, as this is a self-regulated learning course. A chance to get the 500$ MobiMOOC award! If your mLearning project is seen by other MobiMOOC participants as having the most promise for a mLearning human impact project.

What actions can you take?

You can take all the actions you want, but here is a list of a few actions that will give useful results for your own learning, and for planning future mLearning projects:
  • Share your thoughts and ideas via the google group mailing list and the MobiMOOC discussion groups on the forum (http://www.ingedewaard.com/mobimoocforum/).
  • Blog about what your perspective is on mLearning or any of the issues raised by the course/peers/facilitators. One blogpost per week (or for your preferred weeks) is also a good moment to reflect on what you have seen and how it can benefit your own context.
  • Post your activities into your preferred social media and share it with us via the google group or the discussion forum.
  • Write your mLearning project and share it with all of us. Together we can build scalable, durable projects for each one of us is a specialist in our own field, interdisciplinary thoughts often create a surplus.