The spaces on the Web

Wikispaces: featuring the course syllabus and some general information about the MobiMOOC

Watch out! The discussion group will most likely move during July. At present Google groups mobimooc is used: for registering and keeping updated

Facebook group: some informal learning or chatting

Twitter: mobiMOOC: tweetering thoughts and ideas and for speedy connections

Delicious tags with mobimooc: keeping us all up to date with great mobile resources

YouTube: mobiMOOC: will make a playlist of all the videos by making them 'favorites' through this account

A map with all of us MobiMOOC's feel free to add your location
MobiMOOC google maps

A newspaper related to MobiMOOC (build with
A paper gathering all the twitter articles from all of us MobiMOOC'rs (regardless if it is a specific MobiMOOC article)

Wikiversity account started, but good suggestion from Yishai to add it to an existing wikiversity site on mobile learning. Maybe some of what we do can be added there later on?