Week 1: Saturday 8 - 14 September 2012: introduction to mobile learning, with Inge 'Ignatia' de Waard as guide-on-the-side.

In week one, we will focus on the basic concepts and jargon of mLearning and how some of the easy concepts work.And looking at an overview of what you can expect in the upcoming topics (to help you choose your prefered topic(s)).

One of the mainstream definitions of mLearning is:
  • Any sort of [technology enhanced] learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. (Adapted from O'Malley et al., 2003).

Putting it close to the adagio 'anytime and anywhere'. It also brings mLearning closer to the personal learning sphere, hence linking it potentially to lifelong learning.
mLearning is not new to many of us, but not all of us are conscious of our own use, and sometimes our mobile use is limited. With this part of the course you will become more confident with mLearning (if necessary). The advanced uses of mLearning will be shown as the course moves along. Let's explore the wide realm of mLearning today.

MobiMOOC survey will be launched to get an idea of your intentions and expectations. This survey will also be the basis of some mLearning/MOOC research (more information will follow later on this course).

Readings & Resources

What can you expect to see when going through the material?
This part of the course will keep it simple, yet touch the frequently used words and concepts of mLearning. Some examples will be given of more complex applications of mLearning, but these examples will only simply show what can be done, not how it is done. These examples are put in to give you an orientation of the rest of the course. The facilitators of the specialized topics will give their topic a closer, more in-depth look.

Virtual synchronous session
Time of the virtual classroom session: Monday 4 April 201 at 7 PM (19.00 o'clock Brussels time = GMT +1) look at this link to get your time zones see time zone conversions
Location: to join the session, please click on the link below within 30 minutes of the session start time.
Join the Elluminate Live! session
To view the hardware and software pre-requisites for Elluminate Live! please visit www.elluminate.com/support
(This session was made possible thanks to the London Learning Lab)
Here is the link for those interested in the recording of the session (the session lasted for 1 hour):
The slides accompanying the presentation can be found here

Learning activities
Planned activities (put forward by the facilitator)
  1. Share how you use your mobile device now, is there any learning you do at this point? Informal (phoning a neighbor on how to raise tomato plants?) or formal (phoning to a colleague to get a technical answer)?
  2. Pick one of the following mLearning tools: qr-codes, pictures taken via mobile device, movies via mobile device, ... and show us how you would use it for learning via either a descriptive picture, movie taken with a mobile device.
  3. React on each others ideas and examples.

Additional activities (to strengthen your own and all of our learning):
  • Start a discussion in google groups on your concerns or ideas for mLearning and react on answers or comments you might get;
  • React on two other discussions, started by other participants;
  • Play around with your mobile device and share how you use it. DO let us know where we can find it! For instance put a link into the mobiMOOC facebook group, by sharing the information on the Facebook group we can all get socially engaged;
  • Look at the mLearning project template and think about how mLearning might be of use to you, your institute/organization, or your region?

Books and References
Free online books:
On mLearning: transforming the delivery of education and training edited by Mohamed Ally.
New Technologies, new pedagogies (from Wollongong University in Australia)

Newly released books (purchase) on mLearning
The Mobile Learning Edge by Gary Woodill
Designing mLearning by Clark Quinn

O'Malley, C., Vavoula, G., Glew, JpP., Taylor, J., Sharples, M. & Lefrere, P. (2003). ‘Guidelines for Learning/Teaching/Tutoring in a Mobile Environment. MOBIlearn project report, D4.1. Available online at http://www.mobilearn.org/download/results/guidelines.pdf