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If you visit this wiki, you are probably interested in the free, open and online MobiMOOC course which ran from Saturday 8 September - Sunday 30 September 2012 and focused on learning/training with mobile devices (mLearning). You can peruse all the resources via this wiki, the menu on the left and the recordings of the seminars which you can see here: https://mobimooc.wikispaces.com/Repository+of+audio+and+video+files

This MobiMOOC course is now finished.

In follow-up of this MOOC an ebook was written. The title of the eBook was "MOOC YourSelf - Set up your own MOOC for Business, Non-Profits, and Informal Communities", it was written by the organizer of MobiMOOC Inge Ignatia de Waard.

17 mLearning projects were build during MobiMOOC with a wide range of interests and approaches. And resulting in collaborations across countries and even continents. Feel free to look at the descriptions of the project via the related discussion posts here:

Closing seminar and Announcing the MobiMOOC Award Winner took place on Sunday 30 September 2012.
The winner of the MobiMOOC Award is Videhi Bhamiti with her mobile project: m-Shakti to empower Indian women facing rape and molestation.

Discussions that happened in the central discussion group of MobiMOOC2012 during the full 3 weeks can be seen here:


More info on the course

The MobiMOOC course is a free, open, online course that is organized by Inge Ignatia de Waard (so no institutional affiliation), and features wonderful, mobile learning facilitators who kindly accepted to share their knowledge with anyone interested in the subject of mLearning. A great, warm applause for all facilitators: HOORAY!! And of course to all of you who make this an inspiring knowledge sharing event!

Dynamics of the course: a MOOC is all about dialogue, discussions and building upon each others experiences. We all have lived long enough to know more of certain areas than others. In a MOOC we come together to enhance our knowledge on a certain field by entering dialogues, enhancing our networks and ... having fun while doing it. As such each of the resources given by the facilitators or guides-on-the-side are just possible stepping stones, not the universal truth. By gathering together each one of us will grow by communicating with each other. Looking forward to all our discussions and insights!

What is a MOOC? Really short: it is a course that can be followed by anyone (Massive), which is open to all (Open), and is located online (Online) and is a Course,
This format has been used a couple of times by George Siemens and Stephen Downes. Dave Cormier has built a beautiful movie which describes what a MOOC is, feel free to watch it in the History of MOOC page.
A MOOC comprises a couple of online - in the cloud - spaces that are all connected to the course. Why this diversity of social media tools? Because each of these tools has different educational purposes. If you want to know which tool is added to this course for which reason, go to the designated wiki-page here.

Goal of the MobiMOOC
Getting you up-to-date with mobile learning and providing you the tools to plan, develop and implement a mobile learning solution in your environment via collaboratively discussing and exchanging knowledge through a variety of learning activities.The course starts with basic concepts of mLearning and goes on to cover a variety of topics related to mLearning. The topics in the third week were chosen online by people interested in following MobiMOOC2012.

What can you - as a participant - expect? Look at the learning actions - plan your learning to know your options.
For general information on the course: look at the general information on the course page. Yes, a creative name (-: