Augmented mLearning

facilitated by Víctor (Alvarez) - page in progress.

General highlights (provided on demand of participants):

The list of all the recorded MobiMOOC webinars can be found here

MobiMOOC Augmented Reality (Google) Group can be found here!forum/mobimooc-augmented-reality-group/

Information on this topic:

As my friend Johan likes to say.. Let's do something!

Hi all, my name is Victor and I have been kindly invited to facilitate this Augmented mLearning topic, running 23 - 29 September, at MobiMOOC.

Motivation and goals of the course

Mobile augmented reality technologies provide an innovative tool for the educational environment. The combination of real and virtual elements allows us to design new teaching and learning strategies and enhance learners’ experiences.

Through using different tools and resources for communication and information exchange, this course aims to join us together to explore how Augmented Reality technologies will impact next-generation learning.

Other general goals of this course are:
  • Get to know each other and our works on Augmented mLearning
  • Encourage an exchange of ideas and information: if you have augmented expertise or augmented plans, feel free to add them in this wikipage (click edit button to add your information).
  • Impulse de adoption of Augmented Reality in formal, informal and non-formal contexts
  • Enable communities of practice and promote future collaboration

Online webinars linked to augmented mLearning:

During this topic, three live meetings will be organized online: one to exchange our own experiences and plans, one featuring a presentation by me, Víctor, and a third one to wrap up the topic. Here are the details for each of these webinars. Remember to have a headset ready for optimal sound and speech.

Informal opening of the topic on Monday 24 September 2012, 4 PM, Brussels/Madrid time (look here to find YOUR corresponding timezone for this get together)
Goal of the online webinar: getting to know each others experiences and plans concerning augmented mLearning. The get together can be entered here

Presentation on augmented mLearning on Wednesday 26 September 2012 at 11 AM (Madrid/Brussels time) a presentation will be given focusing on augmented mLearning.
(look here to find YOUR corresponding timezone) . Goal of this webinar: showing and discussing a presentation on augmented mLearning.
The class can be entered here:

Wrap up of the topic on Friday 28 September 2012 at 2 PM (Madrid/Brussels time) all of the participants are invited to come together for wrapping up the topic.
(click here to find YOUR corresponding timezone). Goal of this get together is to wrap up this topic.
The get together webinar can be entered here:

Bio and Contact Information

I am a researcher of learning technologies and professor of telecommunications and
computer science at the University of Oviedo, in Asturias, Spain.
Rather than defining myself as a technologist or scholar, I see myself as a curious person,
eager to learn about almost anything. I am a bit of an explorer and adventurer also, I love
sports, nature and travelling.

e-mail: victoralvarez at
Twitter: @vicgoesnomadic
Skype: victoroviedo3
Looking forward to meeting you at the MobiMOOC. Enjoy!