This page gives an overview of what happened during MobiMOOC2012 (page in progress)

This wiki will be updated to cater to the latest mobimooc plans.

Online locations related to this course(click on the titles to move to that online space, they open in a new window)?

A list of mobile locations with their QR codes can be found here (for those of you having a QRcode enabled device).

After looking at the movements off the registered participants, the locations are restructured so it is easier to follow what is happening

Three Core Course Spaces and Locations:

Course wiki

Timing of the course, course pages per topic, general information on the course.

MobiMOOC Google group:

for course registration (= become a member), getting to know each other AND discussing the FIRST week (introduction to mLearning and mLearning planning)

Parallel session MobiMOOC discussion forum

Once the second week start we have parallel sessions, as such we need more than one forum to discuss the parallel sessions. A MobiMOOC forum has been installed to gather all discussions per topic. (Remark: there is still some spam trouble, so still working on security and access issues).

The Mobile Learning curriculum (week 2) discussions will take place in!forum/mobimooc-curriculum

Course Spaces with a Specific Goal

YouTube video sharing

For the recordings of the synchronous meetings,
Movies related to mLearning topics.

#MobiMOOC search twitter account

If you tweet about the course, feel free to use the #MobiMOOC hashtag (a hashtag is the thing that looks like: # followed by a name. This combination makes it possible to search tweets related to a specific subject, e.g. #MobiMOOC.

The MobiMOOC twitter account can be found here. Feel free to connect, tweets from all the followers will end up in the MobiMOOC paper.
twitter search.jpg

The MobiMOOC daily (based on tweets by MobiMOOC followers ) can be found here


Collaboratively bookmarks via Delicious

The bookmarks that course participants put together. How does it work: whenever you share a link, add it to Delicious with the tag MobiMOOC.
That way, when we search for links, they will be easier to find.

The MobiMOOC Facebook group is less frequented until now, and as such it will not be central to the course.

Register for the course to keep up-to-date
In order to get into the course and be kept up-to-date, a google group is set up here as the meeting point for the course, this is just the central, registration group

Important: once you have joined the MobiMOOC Google group, make sure you choose how you want to be kept up to date: recommended choices either an abridged e-mail (= you get a summary of the new activities each day) or digest e-mail (you get all the new messages bundled into one single mail per day). Google groups works like a listserv, so you can reply to a message send from the group via your e-mail (the google group mail: mobimooc2012 (at) googlegroups (dot) com
After joining the group, please add a bit of information about yourself via the profile of your account, that way we get to know one another a bit better.
If you do not like e-mail much, you can opt for the RSS feed option and follow the threads with your feedreader of choice.

This wiki is one of the central places of the MobiMOOC, together with the MobiMOOC discussion forum.
In this wiki you will find links to (still undergoing some finetuning due to spam).