10 steps to plan a mobile project by Inge (Ignatia) de Waard


Below you can find a simple 10 point template to plan your mLearning project.
Before you start a mobile project you need a clear strategy: look here for 10 strategic steps for mLearning.
A mLearning project can be populated with social media, BUT select those social media tools wisely! Here you can find an overview of social media tools and their mLearning or educational benefits or ... how to select them meaningfully.

Mobile project contest: win 500 $ with your mLearning project overview

The template listed below will be used to list all of the mobile projects that enter the 'best mLearning project that will be chosen by votes from all the MobiMOOC participants. In order to allow all of us MobiMOOC participants to choose the one we find most promising in terms of human impact (= a mLearning project that has the potential to positively affect people living in difficult or challenged situations), the so called Best mLearning Project (BmLP), each of you who has a project in mind is requested to fill in the template and post it where I can find it. That way I (Inge) can list them all in one central place.
The winner wins 500 USD (see here to convert to your own currency) to start setting up their mobile learning project. If you win, the money will be send to you via Western Union and their 'transfer to bank account' option.

Mobile Learning project Template (you can also find this as a Google document here)

Remark: feel free to add other relevant information. Each of the sections has a brief explanation, but feel free to contact me (Inge) if something is not clear, I am not an English native speaker and I can be chaotic at times, so I will gladly answer any questions (or remarks) you might have.

Sharing our mLearning projects is also a good opportunity for all of us to learn from each other and insure strong future projects. If you find others with similar ideas, you can also team up and get a joint project going.

1. Working title (make this short though clear: already give an idea of who, what, why in the title, for instance: empowering rural farmers to increase their crop production via basic cell phones and community support)

2. Type of mLearning field (language, health, environment, learners with learning difficulties…) – (can be useful to find similar projects amongst other participants)

3. Project goal (what do you want to achieve with this project? For instance: an improved financial awareness and action strategy for women in poor and challenged situations)

4. Target audience (Who will be the learners for this mLearning project? e.g. primary school children, illiterate workers, ...):

5. What type of technology and infrastructure can be expected? (which type of mobile device will be offered or do the target audience have at their disposal? What type of connectivity is to be expected on the target audience level? Is there stable electricity? Can you use mobile social media or not? Are the mobile devices basic (email, sms) or more elaborate (mobile apps, mobile browser …?)

6. Possible guarantees for sustainability (most of the time this is the most difficult part of a mLearning project or any technology project. Try to come up with durable ideas: using what the target population has, keeping costs low....)

7. Who are ALL the stakeholders that might influence the project? (e.g. school directors, district health clinics, ministry of education, top level managers...)

8. Deadline or timeline for developing the project (if any):

9. A broader description of the project (all the above elements only require a brief description, in this section you can elaborate the overall project, possibly with a scenario describing how the learning cycle of the project evolves... this will give us all a better indication of what you have in mind for the full project)

10. Which steps will you take to ensure you will reach your mLearning goal? (list the different steps that will bring you to a successful end result: interviewing the target population, getting funds from organisation X, developing mobile training....)

11. Problems you are not sure about? (Please list any insecurities here, that way we can all have a look and suggest possible solutions, together we can solve much more in less time).

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