Serious mLearning games

Facilitated by David Parsons

General highlights (provided on demand of participants):

The list of all the recorded MobiMOOC webinars can be found here

Recorded presentations

Unfortunately the desk top sharing gave some problems during the sessions, but it does seem possible to move the slider at the bottom of the screen and manually synchronize the talk with the view. Best of luck!
The first on-line synchronous session took place on Monday September 24th. The link to the recorded session can be found below:
The second (30 minute) session took place at 8am New Zealand Time on Saturday September 29th.
The link of the recorded version can be found on YouTube here:
For those on mobile, you can find a mobile version here:

Information on this topic:

Group on mobile games (David Parsons):
In this topic we will be looking at what makes a good serious mobile learning game, trying out existing games and doing some co-design activities for possible future games.

Game based learning and transferable skills

The link below is a CFP from the Journal of Educational Technology and Society for a special Issue on "Game based learning for 21st century transferable skills: challenges and opportunities"
It raises a number of issues that may be valuable in our discussions.

The mobile business consulting game

This game will be used during the MOOC as a working example of a serious mobile learning game. The source code for the original Java Micro Edition version of the game is on SourceForge.

However I am hoping to work with the ongoing Android version of the game this week, and I'm hoping that some of you might try it out. Please bear in mind it is a work in progress, so needs further development. I hope you find it an interesting challenge to evaluate the game and maybe suggest how we can make it better. You can download an installable (work in progress) version of the game here:
Mobile Game Web Download (zip archive)

You will need to extract the complete 'MobileSim' folder from the archive to a suitable location on your computer, and from there you can install it on an Android device.

To install the application on Android devices, we have been using Easy Installer, (by Infolife LLC) which you can download for free from the Google Play store on Android phones. If this is installed, all you need to do is copy the folder (from the unzipped archive) onto the phone using a USB connection, then run Easy Installer. The only configuration required is to replace the latitude and longitude values in the XML files with the locations of your choice.

I have put together a user guide for how to configure the game to use it in any location you like - see the link below. This includes guidance about how to organise the game's waypoints and which configuration options are available to you.

An important aspect of the game is the physical artifacts that help to link the virtual artefacts in the game with concrete locations. The source files for these artifacts can be found in this archive:

As an example, this is the first artifact, a fake newspaper article

Here are some publications that relate to this game
  • Puja, J., & Parsons, D. (2011). A Location-Based Mobile Game for Business Education. Proceedings of 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, 6-8 July, 2011, Athens, Georgia, USA. 141-144.
  • Parsons. D., Petrova, K., & Ryu, H. (2011). Designing Mobile Games for Engagement and Learning. Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications, 21-24 November, 2011, Sydney, Australia. 261-266.
  • Parsons, D., Petrova, K., & Ryu, H. (2012). Mobile Gaming - A Serious Business! Proceedings of 7th IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile & Ubiquitous Technologies in Education (WMUTE 2012), Takamatsu, Japan, March 27-30 2012. 17-24.

Here is a slide set that summarises the game design aspects:

We found a lot of useful resources in our work. One of these is where we found a reference to the model of linear fiction...

The Road Not Taken - The hows and whys of interactive fiction

Getting a good overview

Here is a wonderful presentation on the thoughts, approaches, challenges and strategies of gaming provided by the inspiring Sebastian Deterding. This long presentation gives a great overview of gaming factors and philosophies, aside from personal ideas voiced by Sebastian. Remark: view this slideshare on full screen (press button in the widget on the right hand side, below) to read the remarks, these remarks are what makes this a strong overview.