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Webinar on mLearning for train-the-trainer given by Jacqueline Batchelor was given on Monday 24 September 2012.
During this webinar Jacqueline Batchelor gave a structured overview of train-the-trainer issues, challenges and guidelines.
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Hi to All and welcome to the Train the trainer section of MobiMOOC2012.

My name is Jacqueline Batchelor and I will be your guide-on-the-side for this week. I reside in Johannesburg, South Africa situated on the tip of Africa where I enjoy beautiful sunshine for most of the year and have the privilege of being part of a rainbow nation.

Topics to be covered:

  • Trainer roles and responsibilities
  • Trainer mindset and ethics
  • Exploiting the affordances of multiple and diverse mobile technologies and their integration
  • Comparing Pedagogy to Andragogy
  • Dealing with diversity
  • Understand the training planning process
  • How to prepare a basic training module

Planned activities for this week:
I am planning a variety of activities kicking off with an introductory webinar followed by a discussion forum.
  • I have created a #mobitrain for an hour twitter chat session every 3 days (specific GMT time to be announced at a later stage) as an opportunity for all to catch up and reflect. I will save the chats and make them available afterwards for easy access.

During this time together I would also like to explore two training scenarios with differing perspectives.
  • The first will be to study the complexities of developing material and executing training in a developing world context.
  • The second scenario and one that I am not too familiar with and will rely on contributions from the mobiMOOC community to further our understanding of training in a developed world context.

Bio and Contact Information
I am a senior lecturer of mobile learning in the Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. I have a particular empathy for teachers in general and dedicate my time to pre-service as well as in-service teacher development.

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Twitter: jacqui_batch
Skype: jacqueline_batchelor